Zombie Verruckt is the second nazi zombies map in the series. Verruckt is the sanatarium map. Still popular but not as popular as shi no numa. Verruckt is a little harder than the other because now with over 2 people you are separate :(.But still very fun,also the first map to feature perk machines like Jugger-nog, Double tap root beer, Speed Cola, and Quick Revive. it also has 2 glitches left the triple weapon glitch and the grenade glitch...pretty cool huh? Plus there is also bouncing betties on the wall. So for the three weapon glitch get your betties, after that if you want to do the glitch with Quick revive then get $2,450, for double tap get $2950, for Jugger-nog (reccomend it first), and last but not least Speed-cola $3950. After you meet the requirement then set a betty anywhere then go to a perk machine,stand right in front of it and set your other betty right in front of the perk, as soon as its out of his hand buy the perk after he drinks it you should have no gun then go to the random weapon box and buy it, take the weapon and you should have 3 guns. The grenade glitch, get in the butcher room and sprint toward the grenade pouch then jump and crouch before you hit the wall you should be in a glitch.

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