Hello my name is noobpwner AKA Dakota i can offer a lot of info for all the zombie maps on WaW to date. Nacht Der Untonen is the first nazi zombie map that shipped with the game to begin with. Sure there is no perk machines or third weapon glitch but only the trench gun glitch remains unpatched. First head upstairs and head to the trench gun, then get to the locotion of the trench gun on the wall, stand on the wall covering the trench gun you then should find a small rectangular box. After finding the box sprint to the box jump midway into the sprint hit the wall, as soon as you make contact with the wall crouch and look down, if done right you should be on the box. Then look toward the trench gun but dont move at all. Then if done right the zombies should hit the wall by the trench gun. DONT LET THE ZOMBIES PILE UP!!!!!!! Kill them as they come. Also another tip, watch the window to your left they can get you while running toward the glitch if not in it at full strength.

If you have more glitches message my gamertag CSTMxNOOBPWN3R

Thanks a million!

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